Nice to meet you!

Michael Farquhar

Founder, Developer

Thinks he's the brains behind it all. Turns caffeine into code. Prefers AC over DC.

Rebbecca Farquhar

Business Development

The real hero here. Keeps our ducks in a row. Improves our average IQ.

Myles Wright

Social Media Manager

Our resident Gen-Z. Laughs at us for having facebook accounts.

Keith Volkel

Collabs + Community Manager

Does the talking. Maker of mates and banner of spammers. Will tell you off if you're naughty in discord.

Lord Vader

Collabs + Community Manager
King of the Mods

Uses the force. Doesn't tolerate rebel scum.



A good listener. Expresses genuine concern when issues are discussed. Rarely offers suggestions.



Often found deep in thought, staring blankly into the middle distance.