NFT Seeker

Get a competitive advantage with our exclusive tools for pro NFT traders, collectors and connoisseurs

Burning Soon!

From an initial supply of 3333 to a potential low of 1111, the NFTSeeker Tool burn event is coming soon!

Burn to combine your full set of NFTSeeker Tool NFTs for access to founders tools and other perks!

Combine a full set of matching materials to recieve an epic bonus!

Check our litepaper for more details.

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Pro Tools

Never miss a trade again with our powerful web automation tools. Make data-driven buy and sell decisions with access to aggregated marketplace data streams.


  • Sniper Get the deals faster than any human can, buy-now and auction.
  • Aggregator Watch listings and sales as they happen, live, on multiple marketplaces at the same time. No refresh button needed.


  • Inventory Snapshot your wallet - view and download your current holdings with accurate valuations
  • History View and download your trading history - per wallet or combined


  • Data Make better decisions with the help of data insights
  • Alpha Benefit from the experience and research of others in exclusive alpha channels


  • Discord Holder verification, auto-moderation, games and more for your discord server
  • Mint Easy to use anti-bot minting system - upload your art and metadata, verify, mint!

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