NFTSeeker Litepaper

The NFTSeeker project is an NFT gated suite of tools for both traders and project founders.

Holders of our NFT will get full, unrestricted access to all of our tools, plus other perks.

The following is a non exhaustive list of features, several of which are already completed and will be available prior to our mint.

For Traders

Data Insights

Clear, accurate and actionable data visualizations allowing you to make data driven buying and selling decisions. View live listing and purchases in real time, as a side-by-side list and plotted on a chart so you can easily see trend patterns as they are forming.

Wallet Analysis

View the trading history, current holdings, and approximate valuation of any wallet address.

Whale Watcher

Track interesting wallet addresses and receive alerts when they buy, sell or mint.

Rarity Charts

Aggregated rarity charts that allow you to compare ranks from different online sources alongside true statistical analysis on any collection including a clear breakdown of the math involved.

Modular Sniper

Customisable sniper tool allowing you to make rule-based purchases from marketplace websites faster than any human could.

Browser Extension

We improve your experience on marketplace websites by integrating extra information and tools into the listings. Instead of just the price you will now see the rank (if available) and a “fast buy” button.


Email, Discord and/or SMS notifications on custom triggers. For example when a floor price hits a given threshold, when a project completes minting or goes over a certain percentage minted, when an NFT with a certain trait is listed, or combinations.


Access to a private area of our Discord server designed to help you make the most of your time in the NFT space. Including researched calls from seasoned traders, access to exclusive whitelist giveaways and more.


Follow the smart money. For any collection, check how many holders also hold bluechip collections. This gives an idea of the sentiment in a collection.

Passive Income

The facility to safely rent out your NFT to the public automatically through our platform. You do not lose access during the rental period.

For Project Founders


Everything an NFT discord community manager needs including role reactions, holder verification, giveaways system, auto-moderation, customisable games, sales report bots and more.


Provide your buyers a smooth and hassle free purchase by using our minting technology to efficiently vend your tokens. We use our experience of high demand ecommerce websites to mitigate the issues seen with some high demand minting events.


In quotes because we don't want to give a chronological list of promises. Some things will naturally have to be done before others but for most of our features we want to allow community demand to dictate the order of delivery. For this reason, we will be running occasional holder-only polls to collect feedback on the desired immediate direction.


The core team currently consists of two people. We have real faces and names. I'm Michael Farquhar, software engineer. Also known as madmiguel#3772 on Discord and @SicksTricks on Twitter. LinkedIn below. I'm building this project with my sister, Rebbecca Farquhar BSc LLB, who is responsible for the business administration and development. Together we own Absolutely Amazing Limited (UK Companies house #13762463) which will be responsible for the operation of the NFTSeeker project.

The team will be expanding post-mint to include more full time developers, enabling us to deliver features to holders faster.

We regularly hire subcontractors for things like system admin and dev ops in order to focus our time on our key strengths and progress with the project.

Michaels linkedIn
Rebbeccas linkedIn


Our commission artist is the amazingly talented Travis Yee. We chose to approach Travis for this project because we believe our vision for NFTSeeker aligns with his unique, futuristic, high-tech sci-fi aesthetic style.

Travis' Artstation